Amused motorist discovers his car has been recovered, then shipped to Canada

On April 10, 2018, Kevin Donovan of Markham, Ontario, watched his Kia Sportage being stolen out of his driveway after a loud loud sound woke him up.

Canada’s largest police force investigated and found that a vehicle matching Kevin’s was being trucked to Halifax, Nova Scotia. However, police weren’t certain that the person in the stolen Kia was the person that originally stole Kevin’s car.

The chase finally ended in a crash, where Kevin’s car was revealed to be equipped with a monitoring device. Police realized that their chase led to Kevin’s lost Kia. Once police made the discovery, they contacted Kevin and attempted to track the car back to where it came from.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s car had already been returned to the vehicle’s owner, and Kevin had not received a response back to his phone call.

Even worse, Kevin’s car was sent to FedEx, despite FedEx stating that their tracking system only tracks cars sent to Canada. FedEx would later tell Kevin that his car never went back to Canada, and it was eventually found in Dubai.

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