CNN Fact-Checks Reports on Tafari Moore’s Death During DNC Protests

In 2007, Tafari Moore, 27, was shot and killed by officers at a protest near the Republican National Convention. His killing remains unsolved. The CNN special report “Revenge?” finds that protesters – including the family of Moore – were frustrated by intense police tactics and the lack of a thorough investigation. If you haven’t seen the two-hour special yet, head to CNN’s website. You can also watch the below video to see Moore’s death.

The Washington Post published a story that outlines the case behind the fatal shooting in September of Tafari Moore. His death sparked protests over the perceived lack of police brutality in communities of color. Tafari Moore was a black man with an arrest record in Tysons Corner and Dearborn Heights, Michigan. The younger brother of a state representative in Michigan, Moore had been living in Alexandria, Virginia, at the time of his death.

The aftermath of Moore’s death showed that anger with police and governmental institutions was a national issue. However, the accused officers in Moore’s case were quickly cleared by police, and the FBI found no evidence of a conspiracy. His family and supporters have been calling for an independent investigation ever since. Moore’s family joined the protests again around the anniversary of his death.

The CNN special report, titled “Revenge?” claims that police tactics and a lack of a fair investigation were things about which the family was dissatisfied. The report examines why some protesters felt like police were just following orders and why others disagreed with the methods of law enforcement. The report includes interviews with members of Tafari Moore’s family and the widow of a protestor who was shot at.

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