Did this driver just put a child’s life in danger?

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

When it’s just a matter of centimeters, even the slightest error could have catastrophic consequences.

In a startling video uploaded online, a driver in Poland appears to come perilously close to sending an apparently oblivious child crashing onto the street in a carport below.

The footage, which was captured from a neighboring house, shows the car speeding down a quiet street in the southeastern city of Walbrzych before hitting the next narrowest point on the street.

The passenger can be heard shrieking in pain as the vehicle pulls onto the grass and away from the camera.

The little boy didn’t walk to the car; he was already inside.

The driver and her passengers — two women and a child — were unharmed but visibly shaken by the incident. According to local reports, the car’s occupants had just arrived home from a child’s birthday party.

When asked if they knew they had hit someone, the driver said: “No. We were stopped at the green light but the car suddenly came toward us at nearly 100 kmph. Suddenly it stopped. Just as it was slowing down the car hit him (the little boy) coming from the other side,” according to local media.

“We didn’t know the boy and he didn’t come with us. He was in the carport. We saw him running but not when we hit him. The boy stopped talking because he was injured, his face was really bad.”

The driver told local media that the young man had been taken by ambulance to a local hospital, complaining of pain and swelling.

“It was a tense moment. Fortunately, the child is alright, but we felt really bad,” she said.

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