Dubai’s Al Nahda hotel lifts the boat for the world’s tallest pool

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With its infinity pools, gilded halls and hypnotic architecture, the Al Nahda complex in Dubai has always been a standout. Now, the luxurious mall and hotel is taking things to a whole new level.

Al Nahda , which has been open for four years, is known for its grand spaces with karaoke rooms, malls on each floor and three dioramas modeled after historic palaces. It even has a waterfall inside one of its restaurants.

However, the 1,138-room luxury hotel, which belongs to General Holding Company of Dubai, is reinventing itself, incorporating a sheer glass wall that opens onto the edge of the Dubai Mall rooftop and an infinity pool called the Quantum Pool on the 6th floor. The hotel’s self-named 53-meter-long pool, which can house up to 100 guests, is being billed as the world’s highest.

On Instagram

Three months after launching the project, it is already proving popular on Instagram, with people having long waited on a long line to rent the 24-hour infinity pool, described as “the largest and most private in the world.”

“We keep decorating things, adding an extra story, as we keep pushing to improve our service and install our latest technology,” said Meghann Marnell, Senior Vice President of Westin Hotel and Resorts, which is operating the Al Nahda hotel.

A luxury pool in Dubai. Credit: via @strosslabinc

The Quantum Pool’s enormous pool has a 270-degree view of the glass walls of the Dubai Mall from every angle and guests can swim beside the brand new outdoor pool from the glass enclosing entrance of the hotel lobby.

Marnell said a Dubai branded Quantum Pool is part of a long-term strategy.

“The idea is to create a connected experience. I think through our global hotels, we can do that in a way that’s more meaningful,” said Marnell.

Powering forward

The new Quantum Pool was officially unveiled to the public on January 15.

This conversion of the space in the historical shopping mall, says Rachel De Rosen, Director of Al Nahda Project Development, would be one of many.

“We hope it inspires other local or national malls to redesign their entire space… we hope that the hotel market as a whole will embrace this.

Aerial view of Al Nahda mall and Al Nahda hotel.

“You really want the experience of time, and if you have it in a big tree house that turns and stops, you’re different, that experience feels more meaningful.

“We want to create a great space, and we wanted to enhance the whole shopping experience here in Dubai, by reimagining these spaces, and modernizing them.”

Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing forecasts 6.1 million visitors to Dubai in 2019, a 3.9% increase year-on-year.

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