French soccer match abandoned when man throws water bottle on field

A soccer match in Toulouse, France, was abandoned after a man threw a water bottle onto the field which hit a player, Le Parisien reported Friday.

Tottenham Hotspur of England was leading Lorient 2-0 early in the second half when Lorient’s Nicolas Pepe was struck on the head. After he fell to the ground in obvious pain, Pepe remained there with an ice pack to his head before being replaced. Pepe was treated on the field and then was escorted from the game by medical personnel.

The match was stopped after a minute-long delay and wasn’t resumed, ending with the score 2-0 in favor of Tottenham.

The Toulouse-Lorient game was the latest in a string of matches which were called off as a result of objects being thrown onto the field.

On Jan. 23, Napoli of Italy called off their match with Lazio of Italy because of a brawling in the stands, resulting in the ejection of 70 people from the stadium.

On Dec. 27, Brescia’s Italian soccer league match with Sampdoria was abandoned after a water bottle was thrown onto the field and hit a player in the head.

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