Geraldo Rivera, Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends’ host, alleged to have called Attorney General’s office about voter fraud

Bill Barr told the Justice Department’s inspector general about Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, the Wall Street Journal’s Robert Costa reported.

Costa reported that Barr told the Inspector General’s office that Rivera called him to ask about voter fraud.

“There was only one person who rang me up,” Barr said of Rivera, Costa reported, adding that the Fox News host had told Barr he had noticed an increase in the rate of illegal voters.

Costa writes that Barr told the inspector general there was nothing illegal about the Fox News host’s questioning.

Rivera, Costa reported, defended the phone call to him: “I made the call. I wasn’t harassing him.”

Ana Navarro, a CNN host, described the story as “odd.”

“I’m hearing this first hand. Unless Barr was in a kangaroo court on Fox News – perhaps he should get subpoenaed by the DOJ – this is odd & bizarre,” Navarro tweeted.

A source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to CNN that Rivera had contacted Barr, as Costa reported.

Barr is being vetted to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. His nomination hearing is next month.

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