Germany urges citizens to get vaccinated against the flu

Germany is urging citizens to receive the shot before the end of March

Germany’s Health Minister has urged its citizens to get vaccinated against the pneumococcal flu virus (covenace) as the population gears up for a cold and flu season.

Stefan Hajduk was quoted on Wednesday by daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, saying the vaccine was “absolutely necessary” as there are more cases of flu than usual.

“Of course, there are many perfectly healthy people who haven’t made use of the vaccination at all. That’s what it is about,” he said.

Hajduk also called on those who had the vaccination to make sure they take it properly. “The best way is to wash your hands and cough in a toilet, rather than outside in the street,” he said.

Germany’s Health Ministry has also stressed that the young, old and pregnant women should get the vaccine before the end of March.

Germany has one of the lowest vaccination coverage rates for the flu shot in Europe, at just above 70 percent, which means that according to the ministry, one in five Germans is not protected against the Pneumococcal conjugate virus (covenace).

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