Get hooked on skiing at this mid-coast resort

Story highlights Spire Mountain offers ski lessons for all levels, including challenging ski slopes, terrain parks and an on-mountain living environment.

Shane Owen’s Eat The Fly series is designed to inform, inspire and inspire people to love their bodies. His latest video features ski instructors at San Francisco’s Spire Mountain, an outdoor skiing and snowboarding resort located near Squaw Valley ski resort.

If you love skiing but haven’t been to Squaw Valley since you were a kid, you need to book a ticket pronto. The Heavenly ski resort in nearby Lake Tahoe has just announced it will shut down in the fall of 2021 after 113 years of operation.

The good news is that many mid-coast resort options are opening in the meantime. This is why we’d recommend planning a getaway with a skiing group, especially if you’re new to the sport.

Spire Mountain, which is located in the surrounding counties of Lake Tahoe, gives you the opportunity to ski a resort with snow making capabilities. Here, you can experience mountain-level skiing terrain, access beginner terrain and rock-style skiing on graded terrain. You can also access Spire Mountain’s terrain parks, an area that features challenges for all levels. This includes “Dice,” a skate boarding area and “Bonanza” ski/snowboard park.

“If you can ski or snowboard, you can ride or ski on our mountain,” Michele Gesilla, director of marketing and communications at Spire Mountain says.

If you’re new to skiing, check out the reservations page for lessons and general information, or download the app for your smartphone. A Ski Country USA-certified instructor (these instructors have taken the stringent requirements) will be available to offer a non-intimidating session.

But skiers, remember to play up your strengths and be ready to be super flexible. “The more you can hang on the trees and sections on your skiing, the more forgiving you’ll be on the slopes and not fall,” Gesilla says.

So prepare yourself! Check out Spire Mountain here, and before you buy lift tickets, do some winter ski basics.

Skiers willing to go on a ski adventure on their own can also get a discount, with plans that cost $79.99 a day. This promotional ticket allows guests to ski for four days or six nights.

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