How Nick Wooster Is Setting Bottega Veneta Free From Traditional Design


Bottega Veneta is a renowned Italian fashion house for many men who believe that their personal style often dictates their appearance, and that the clothes they buy are a reflection of their personality. With that in mind, it comes as little surprise that most men would ask to keep their current Bottega Veneta clothing after they bought the brand new.

Nick Wooster and Caroline Melhuish are today’s dream team at Bottega Veneta. The duo took the lead of the company last September, and they have led the brand in a new direction. Not just with their personal style, but also their ability to transport the brand’s classic style seamlessly into the realm of the 21st century and beyond.

Today’s New York Times article marks the debut of Wooster as Bottega Veneta’s creative director, and within, the article highlights Wooster’s approach to modern style and how he brings his youthful self to a brand that has been in his blood for many years.

Wooster is not just a modernizing trendsetter for Bottega Veneta, but for all men, too. In promoting the fall collection, Wooster explains that as a man starts to grow into his twenties, he may start to develop a different personal style. Bottega Veneta will continue to continue to create clothing that men can trust to feel comfortable in and that are simple yet luxurious. Wooster also emphasized his minimalist approach in the article. It may seem a bit counterintuitive to some men. His simple, elegant aesthetic could seem as unadorned as the simplicity of unadorned design in an old black and white film.

Wooster’s sense of style and approach to design makes it clear that Bottega Veneta is no longer simply a brand, but rather a lifestyle that is as effortlessly stylish as the jewelry and handbags you can purchase from the brand. The new artistic director is getting it done.

If Wooster can maintain the feeling of timeless elegance that permeates Bottega Veneta, what will he provide to customers of the brand? In the short time since his appointment, Wooster has managed to get Bottega Veneta product to consumers at a premium. In 2016, Bottega Veneta was found to be selling at a $335 per square foot more than Chanel at $517 per square foot, amongst others. Of that figure, 25 percent was due to the quality of the product. What Bottega Veneta will offer to consumers will depend on the result of Wooster’s vision and execution.

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