Juror No. 10: ‘I tried to separate the facts from the information that’s been filtered’

The good fortune of juror No. 10 continued on Thursday. He wasn’t as swayed by his fellow jurors’ boorish behavior.

Just before he read the verdict, Kyle Rittenhouse could have changed his mind, of course. But for now, the judge and three other jurors have kept the secrets of the jurors, including Rittenhouse, who were sequestered during the three-week trial.

Rittenhouse spoke with me recently and let me read the following portion of his thoughts in light of the verdict.

Though he tried his best to ignore the media frenzy, the news became progressively more compelling, and every step of the way was filled with twists and turns. I tried to separate the facts from the information that’s been filtered and said nothing to the various sources. To a degree, it was like being a journalist.

So far, I’ve managed to avoid an unexpected rude encounter. But it never hurts to have a lawyer in the house.

News reporter Judith Graham Miller was not shocked by Rittenhouse’s answers. But she emphasized, “He answered questions that could be asked of every juror.”

That said, during her day in court, Miller found Rittenhouse to be “vague about certain things, he didn’t say a lot, he didn’t elaborate in some of his answers.”

We’ll have more on Rittenhouse’s thoughts — and the other secrets of the jurors — in coming days.

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