Leno: Who Controls The Brexit Process?

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The first day of the new British Parliament was filled with repeated calls for the immediate departure of Prime Minister Theresa May’s government. She has until September to pass the next form of legislation to keep the government in power, but divisions in the Conservative Party have left her in an impossible position and her government could collapse this week.

Tonight on The Five, the guys take a closer look at those divisions on the part of Conservative MPs who call for the party to go to a confidence vote as soon as Wednesday. Not surprisingly, both members of the British government who are pro-Brexit and pro-soft Brexit are demanding May hold the vote and stick with her path because they feel the public feels like they are being misled, misled by their own side.

The Brexit negotiations are right back where they were last Thursday, with the EU insisting on referring the border issue between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which critics, including the Irish government, view as a way to use the court to hold British courts hostage. The Unionist Party, which is opposed to the Brexit deal, will lose half of its seat in the British Parliament if this happens, and will be replaced by the opposition party Labour.

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