Lin-Manuel Miranda on remaking his most famous works

Here, Washington reveals a beautiful short film featuring Hamilton and the Rosary

With ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’ and ‘Encanto,’ Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t throwing away his movie shots

Hamilton may be one of the most exhilarating musicals of all time, but Lin-Manuel Miranda needs to clear some time next month for a brand new project: a short film.

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The album for In the Heights came out in 2006, and the musical only made its Broadway debut two years later. But Miranda has said that In the Heights has been published on DVD, allowing fans to experience the show in their living rooms.

It turns out he may be on to something even more popular: the short film.

After a fancy dance lesson at Tappan Zee State Park in New York, Hamilton and his friend Veronica and their friend Jonas jump off a cliff and find themselves in a nightmare land.

From studios like Mad Engine and Joe Lawrence Productions, the film, titled Ticker, is set to premiere on 15 August. In it, Miranda sings and dances. The short film ends with an appearance by the rap group Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, who sing a little tune called What Are You Doing, Lola.

According to an interview with radio station WFUV, Miranda said the short film was meant to “put some facts on tape that have been floating around for years”. But aside from putting album tracks on DVD, he wanted to bring music into the community of the park, where he grew up.

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