Looting at a Nordstrom store sparks social media outrage

Image copyright eBay Image caption A woman in Nordstrom clothing, has been widely shared on social media

Video footage from the scene of looting at a California Nordstrom store has been shared thousands of times on social media.

Dozens of people, who say they are California residents, are seen racing through the store with bags in their hands in the footage.

Thieves are reported to have made off with laptops, towels and luxury handbags.

Chaos erupted when the thieves broke into the Nordstrom store in San Jose, California.

But according to reports, shoppers and security staff wrestled the thieves to the ground and police moved in.

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But the footage which has gone viral shows dozens of people running into the store.

People at the scene were allegedly caught on camera smashing cabinets and wrestling with security guards.

The video was posted on social media by at least two members of the public but has now also been seen by many others in the news and entertainment business.

We do not know what happened to the bags and items stolen by the thieves.

Nordstrom has not commented on the alleged looting but did confirm that their employees were involved in a “physical confrontation with some individuals”.

US media reports say that the security guards who were involved in the altercation with the thieves have been fired.

The store told CNBC that no-one in the store was hurt in the incident and that it was closed on the day of the incident.

It said a larger group of people was involved in a theft last month at its Willow Glen store.

Image copyright Flickr Image caption Those following the Nordstrom thefts were shocked by the number of people running in

‘Outrageous, illegal and disrespectful’

Google search terms “Nordstrom store looting” became one of the top queries overnight.

On social media, some experts suggested that some people were disappointed with high-end stores and felt it was a chance to make a quick, easy profit.

But many simply shared images and video of the scene and people who say they are from the area were clearly angry about the behaviour of the thieves.

#NordstromLooting: 33 cents for these 8 bags?????? Shame on the @Nordstrom employees at the store. pic.twitter.com/CukxbtDZw2 — Danny Braddy (@_dbraddy) March 16, 2018

Some people added that it was clear from the video that some of the shoppers had been paid to loot.

A photo of the locked store in California, shows damage to window panels and clothes scattered in a part of the store that had been recently remodelled.

Police have so far arrested four people and seized two guns after an investigation of the incident, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Those arrested were Danial Jimenez, 20, Darryl Marcell, 22, Miguel Vaca, 18, and Rheanna Lua, 19.

Thieves enter the Nordstrom store in San Jose, California to steal thousands of dollars worth of items, including laptops, and hands-free Bluetooth speakers

Alleged looters have been arrested, including Danial Jimenez (left), Darryl Marcell, Miguel Vaca and Rheanna Lua, after a police investigation into a massive theft from the store

Image copyright Bexxswrab Image caption People were also filmed tussling with security guards in the store

Dramatic video footage of thieves going inside the store shows them smashing vending machines with hammer in a bid to get to high-end designer handbags.

Police were responding to a call from shoppers at the shop who said they were trying to calm the situation.

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