Once again, college football ends on a sour note: College football news wrap-up

For those of you looking at college football these days, many of the top games and players have occurred in September, October and even part of November. Before you get all up in arms about the spring games, it’s also the season when schools can buy out of their next season by amending their contracts with conferences. Even so, the college football season looked like it was only going to be as long as everyone would have wanted.

Two opening round playoff games and the fall conference championship games later, the college football season was over. Some of the season’s final weeks looked impressive but the teams had yet to really catch fire.

Ohio State also lost to Nebraska on Saturday afternoon, a defeat that pretty much means the Ohio State season is over. The Buckeyes’ still have a chance to win the Big Ten and a bowl game but, with a team that is already 0-2 against Power 5 opponents, it won’t take much at all for them to go 0-4.

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Here are the other teams that ended the season on a sour note. Three teams have lost two games and the rest were just a bit too early.


Three weeks into the season and the Gators’ season is a total disaster. Just imagine if they had lost any of those early games by six points or less. They probably still wouldn’t have finished the season 1-3 and they probably would have shown plenty of improvement. Gators just seemed to lose a lot of momentum as the season wore on.


Arkansas ended the season on a sour note, losing to South Carolina and, coincidentally, its state rival. The Razorbacks defense has not even been competitive this season. It was hard not to take notice when coaches such as Michigan and Ohio State started taking Florida’s coach Jim McElwain more seriously.


The fourth game of the season for Oklahoma featured a loss to Notre Dame and so the Sooners didn’t even have a chance to compete for the conference championship.


Michigan fans have to be kicking themselves right now. They watched first Ohio State and then Michigan State play some of the most impressive games of the season. All they could do was watch and hope that Ohio State was the best team in the country. It wasn’t.

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Here’s a longer look at the top teams and players in college football this year.

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Ohio State starting QB J.T. Barrett has been benched by his head coach and an attempt is being made to acquire a replacement from Texas A&M. Barrett had been dominant this season and will now potentially be the starter for a team that is struggling. Will the change be for the better?

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