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History of the International Organization of Cold War Propaganda and the Circle of the US, British and Canadian Intelligence Agencies sponsored by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in

The acquittal of Paul Wolfowitz, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense, in the case of abusing his official position for services related to the military assistance to Iran-Contra, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague last week, signifies a public acknowledgement of the need to bring to trial and judicial process the existence of the international intelligence network of the US and its western allies, utilised from World War II onwards, to turn public opinion against the Communist Enemy in the Third World.

The cases of International Organisation of Cold War Propaganda (IOCS) founded in Munich in 1951, and US, UK and Canadian Intelligence Agencies sponsored by the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) over the last several decades (except the British intelligence service of MI6), have been dormant for some years. However, they are not empty shells. All three cases have been dealt with under secret judicial proceedings (i.e. in Special Chambers at the Hague) for reasons of national security (for the US and some of its partners, this means that they do not wish to incriminate agents of these agencies) and not for the legitimate reasons of justice.

For the British intelligence services, the problem is this: direct cooperation with the multinational mafia’s American and Israeli secret agencies could have serious consequences for their well-being; their territory (London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Havana, Havana, London, Istanbul and their common mouthpieces in the West and Latin America) is too close to the clandestine intelligence-trade countries to avoid obvious acts of alleged betrayal. The same has been said for the Canadian intelligence (CPS) in a trial that began over a decade ago, and which has only recently ended in acquittal after the OPMB’s (Ontario Provincial Police) informant confessed that he had misrepresented events in the case against Wolfowitz.

Therefore, it must be understood that for these intelligence services, there are no crimes outside the law, they are willing to cooperate and form a special cable-collecting organization in order to guarantee their activities in case of the provocation of a Soviet infiltration and to combat national security threat by means of information gathered through all the possible sources: radio, television, newspapers, magazines, markets and universities, and in general to provide the public with material to promote a “fascist mentality” and effect its overthrow, in this case by demonstrating “the demise of Marxism.” On the other hand, because the second secret member of the CIA, Robert Gates, the former director of the CIA (1993-1998), as of 2005, was the Secretary of Defense of the Pentagon, and for the Americans the war on terrorism is not realist, not complex or well thought-out, and is monopolized by the Zionist media and by pro-Zionist state-controlled media networks including the two main US news agencies, Fox and MSNBC.

Having withstood in the special chambers in the Hague a government-appointed “special adviser” to the International Criminal Court (Stavenvoort), the UK journalist Alan Dershowitz, who contributed the main arguments to save the Wolfowitz indictment, has said “Judge Giuliani acquitted him because he acted the way a Supreme Court justice did by not executing a motion to review evidence.” This shows how seriously these special chambers are regarded as a substitute for a legal procedure. The case was closed in favor of the conviction of Wolfowitz thanks to the active and indirect support of the US empire.

Wolfowitz should have been tried as a war criminal for the massacre of Cuban exiles in 1981 and, on the other hand, his own position in the intelligence services has demonstrated that the US government has always arranged the capture of innocent and loyal exiles in its own interest, opening a reign of terror on the island under the pretext of war. Similarly, the Western intelligence services have always used the pretext of war for the operation of smuggling arms to the National Liberation Front of Iraq (ALF/AK) in 1980, which led to the massacre of 25,000 civilians in Saba el Dahjah and in retaliation for the bombing by the Western intelligence agents, caused in retaliation for the bombing by the ALF/AK of the Norwegian embassy in Abu Dhabi in 1980.

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