Scotiabank Now Accepting Résumés For the First Time As It expands Campus Hiring

Scotiabank is now accepting résumés instead of job descriptions for the first time as it continues expanding its campus recruiting effort in Canada.

The country’s third-largest bank by assets started the summer job program across campus hiring Wednesday at 10 campuses from coast to coast, the first time it has ever ditched a posting.

“Since transitioning to a non-written career path for our campus, we have noticed an increase in candidates applying for open positions,” said Kacey Boolchand, manager of career development at Scotiabank. “As one of the first banks to move from a written, one-time career path, we feel this was the best way to recruit right from the first day.”

Scotiabank traditionally used job descriptions for their jobs, and previously discouraged applicants from sending e-mails and video interviews. Now, the more competitive pipeline that comes with submitting a résumé, can now offer a broader candidate pool.

“One of the challenges we faced was that our competition was using emails and video interviews,” Boolchand said. “We didn’t want to continue that mentality.”

Applicants to many Canadian universities and colleges typically enter a list and start seeking out jobs that match their specific major. Recent government-funded data show one in four undergraduate students in Canada will take an internship or unpaid job before graduation.

The switch comes as the bank is focusing on retaining talent after the recession, when many workers left Canada due to wage cuts and outsourcing.

“Compensation is only part of the story, we also value employees who do not just carry out business duties but also make a real difference, one person to another, in the growth of their career,” Boolchand said.

The new new path has helped hundreds of people get back in the job market.

The bank is offering career completion packages, access to skills boot camps, mentorship, coaching and career counseling, mentorship and workshops on how to market their résumé to potential employers.

Company counselal counselors will also work with applicants to meet them outside of the exam season and on recruitment trips during the end of the school year.

Résumés can be found on the careers page of the bank’s website at

Based on reporting by The Canadian Press.

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