The Biden attack against President Trump

Joe Biden has a long list of embellished stories to point to if the photo of him and his wife, Jill, before a dinner on Monday night is believed to have been taken in 2011 at the home of law professor John Kobert.

But because it’s Joe Biden, the account of an alleged mean-spirited incident during his presidency is told with the ease of any politician telling a good story about themselves.

This photo — purported to be the one of him and Jill Biden with John Kobert’s wife, Shannon Kobert, and her teenage daughters, along with other guests — was at the heart of an emotional press conference by Biden on Monday.

Hearing the story, the relationship seemed to play out much differently than in the promotional version the Biden campaign offered reporters. John Kobert was adamant in his account to CNN that he did not know either of the Biden’s when he invited them to a dinner party at his home. But Biden turned on a dime to reiterate the story, escalating from the premise that he believed that the Dean Park, Delaware home belonged to Kobert, who was also a Republican, into one that the administration was upset that the governor of Dean Park, Del., had enlisted the help of a top Obama adviser in building a bridge to the White House.

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