The Blair fairytale and Nicki in Miami

Head to the airport with the ladies for some fierce looks

Celebrity holiday photos have a way of making you daydream about a day at the seaside. You know – the day that you meet somebody famous and form a mutual love-hate relationship.

So it is with great pleasure that I report that:

* * *

The superstar Britney Spears is back in the news for all the right reasons.

Or so it seems.

I bring this bad news to you after visiting Nicki Minaj on her Miami holiday and re-reading Hollywood magazine’s recreation of the showbiz quartet’s then-estranged figurehead.

It appears Nicki, Britney, Christina and Demi as a threesome who were quite preoccupied with eating and drinking at their mother’s salon in Brentwood, Los Angeles in 2007 and 2008.

But it all got a little over the top, so much so that they were forced to go into damage limitation mode:

– Hey, hey, we’re human too, man!

– Why, we love certain nice girls, too! (Eating bubble gum from menus.)

– Hey, you get your dirty thoughts about us out of your system when you’re on the road.

Or there was that spell working with duos like Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster.

Still, this brings me to the heart of the matter.

You all know that those girls used to make a lot of money in the recording studio and in TV and film auditions. But have you actually noticed how many of them have suffered serious post-traumatic stress disorder after it all came crashing down?

Well, a Los Angeles psychologist confirms that Britney Spears really can be a difficult lady to work with.

“She’s a charming girl but her temper and fight-or-flight responses are at the worst possible level,” the psychologist tells me.

And here is the money shot, folks. In Hollywood magazine’s recreation of the first time Nicki spotted Britney, Nicki recalls:

“And I said, ‘That girl is so hot’. And she yelled at me and called me names.

“I looked at her and I said, ‘You know something, bitch?’ I walked away and I loved Britney. It made my day.”

And was Nicki ever to meet her again?

“Britney called me up in the car and said, ‘We can’t go out.’

“So I walked up to the house where she was staying and I said, ‘You need to leave Britney alone, she’s the boss.’”

That could have been all very nice and friendly between you, friends, except that Britney’s best friend, Lauren “Fish” Martinez, has a twinkle in her eye and suggested she had decided to move to Sydney. So did Britney change her mind and cut the fella loose? No. She went back to him, telling Hollywood magazine: “It’s never been about Lauren. I think it’s about me.”

But all Britney’s song and dance shows, once written for Nicki and Demi, never really really worked out. Nicki even thought so.

“To be fair, she is always trying to put you on and that’s fine. But once she starts crying and reciting your lyrics, you’re not asking for it and, you know, I think sometimes it becomes more of a pain than anything else.”

If you ever want to find out the real deal between these women, check out the showbiz section in the August issue of W magazine.

After all, Mr Magazine Said So.

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