The S, Trustee and a few trusts that have escaped Canadian authorities’ tax-dodging battle

Leaders of Canada’s opposition parties lined up this week to debate moves to shut down tax havens. But they couldn’t agree how to stop them.

The problem, as explained here: For a number of years Canada has obtained access to offshore tax havens and presented these books to international tax officials and other authorities for review. It’s called the Pandora Papers.

One of the files in this history of tax avoidance deals with the Glencore Group, one of the world’s biggest commodity producers. It has extensive operations in Canada and elsewhere. A former top official of the company describes how its tax structure allows it to avoid paying tax.

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to crack down on tax avoidance, and through his tax-take pledge, he has made tax secrecy a core plank of his party’s manifesto. This was not a new platform.

Here’s a guide to these records. This guide is by S, Trustee, and all others appearing in this text without permission from all concerned are referred to herein as either “a” or “b”.

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