There’s a problem with the kid who’s everyone’s favorite on TikTok

A young video app popular among teens and college kids went viral this week for a more unusual reason: It emerged that one of its most popular users is an actor.

If you are under the age of 30, you might be familiar with TikTok, which pulls in new users with videos depicting lip-syncing or dancing alongside other young people.

Users are ranked based on the number of followers they have, and it becomes clear very quickly who is considered cool or popular depending on the category they are in. The number one spot is reserved for creators who post a significant amount of videos.

Millions of young people are signed up for a TikTok account and often participate in popular channels and lip-sync videos. Some might call these users “tyrants,” but that term carries a gender bias; women on TikTok are often replaced by other young men, many of whom have unisex avatars that mean little to us non-tech people.

One of the founders of TikTok, Kevin Zhang, is of Chinese origin. He is the most popular tweeter on the app in the world, according to WeFi, the owner of TikTok. The video app’s website boasts of his 97 million followers, including many celebrities.

But it appears, by some people’s accounts, that there are other parts of Zhang that aren’t for a public and accepting view of the internet.

Zhang, a pretty young guy, apparently is the most popular man on TikTok. According to multiple reports, the 26-year-old has only posted 10-second clips on the video app since it launched just last year. He appears to have an unrequited love for dancing girls and a penchant for hanging out at night clubs.

Zhang hasn’t responded to multiple requests from reporters to set the record straight about the story, but there are some things to consider. The boy who made this viral sensation so many questions about your life.

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