Trump’s stance on vaccinations is no accident. It’s really the very core of the party | Anna Holmes

Yup, it makes sense to call the Republican party the Birther Party now

American conservatives may be alarmed at the news that Donald Trump is now calling pregnant women “pregnant criminals”, but that’s the kind of issue he feeds into. In fact, the reasons Trump now says women should not be allowed to be legally identified as pregnant is likely a better explanation for his past incorrect statements about vaccines than for his apparent physical deterioration.

In its early days, the GOP fought an anti-vaccine war by explicitly bringing up the most anti-science, anti-parent, anti-gay, anti-healthcare, and dangerously socially divisive issues. The party’s Chief Congressional Spokesman has since resigned in disgust, in disgust at a Republican party that feels compelled to champion one position – anti-vaccine – over all others.

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The disease Trump is obsessed with, “Pertussis”, is actually not called that any more, because it’s gained its new nickname “whistle-blower disease”.

“Pertussis” doesn’t mean anything to you, unless you’re a parent of a child with a serious, infectious disease. But if your child is not vaccinated, then every doctor, parent, employer, and teacher’s contact with your child (besides, like, everyone in your school) is working against the health of your child.

Trump calls the President’s mother “Ayn Rand”, just like the Birthers called George W Bush’s mother Barbara “Barbara Bush”, and the race for President got started by questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

The birthers first demanded to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate because they had been frightened into believing he was not born here and his father was a terrorist.

Now they want to pull the same trick on Hillary Clinton. Remember, it’s the birthers who are still demanding a birther investigation against Hillary Clinton.

But instead of nominating someone who can fight back against Obama’s foundation and lawyers, the GOP is winning with its more-conservative anti-health-care views.

Republicans love talking about Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. Ironically, Gardasil is one of the best, most safe vaccines known to man. It does not cause autism or birth defects like all the other vaccines (though it does have a few side effects).

But conservatives are very concerned about this vaccine and its unfortunate close cousin “Plan B”. Plan B works by making the vaginal lining bleed and giving the child an immune response to prevent contracting the zoster virus. The House Judiciary Committee Republicans, who obviously have kids of their own, attacked those who sought Plan B because it could lead to abortions.

Again, today, the GOP elected its first health care-only nominee for president. This was a proud victory for the Republican “my little brown boy is going to be a doctor, it’s the new blue blood of America” party.

Medicaid is a program that helps the poor to put food on the table, pay for medical care, house their children, and if they happen to have special needs, such as someone with Down syndrome. We may see more Republican votes against healthcare programs and Planned Parenthood, like never before. In fact, one would hope that a wall-to-wall Republican House of Representatives could result in the most anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-reproductive rights movement in modern American history.

As a former Republican activist once said, the Republican party has become the Birther Party. The rest of us are the guardians of our children’s health.

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