Which C.E.O. should you turn to in a crisis? Business Traveller finds out

In an increasingly tech-driven business environment, it can be hard to know where to turn for leadership advice. But a Business Traveller Survey found that Michael Dell, founder of Dell, is considered the top CEO to “turn to” in a crisis.

The Business Traveller Market Research Survey found that 54% of the company’s respondents said they would turn to Michael Dell in such a crisis situation. Gordon Ramsay (46%), Virgin boss Richard Branson (42%) and Bill Gates (42%) follow Michael Dell on the list.

So, who is the other C.E.O. Other C.E.O.s turn to for advice?

Please let us know which other C.E.O.s you would turn to in a crisis situation in the comments.

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Marketers at Boost10 surveyed more than 100 of its clients via a 2-stage, anonymous, mobile study. The study looks into the ways digital marketers are using marketing in every aspect of their day-to-day lives. This information is shared to Boost10 and helps them uncover trends that can help marketers.

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