Wisconsin county fair shooting: 2 dead, multiple people injured

Victoria Bates

There has been a reported shooting at a Waukesha county fair on Saturday afternoon, with no immediate reports of any deaths as it was being investigated.

The Milwaukee Police Department tweeted to say they were mobilizing a multi-agency task force in relation to the shooting. They have asked for the public’s patience and not to come into contact with the public, as the shooting is under investigation.

The sheriff’s office said on its Facebook page, “Waukesha County Sheriff Deputies are responding to what appears to be a shooting at the Waukesha County Fairground. Officials are actively searching for the suspect. Please refrain from picking up any stray pieces of metal, you may be contaminated. It is a personal deputy errand now.”

Information is coming in at a rapid rate, but our deputies have the situation under control. No injuries are being reported, and we are working to ascertain the status of those that may have been involved. The investigation is ongoing. — Waukesha Sheriff (@WaukeshaSheriff) September 29, 2018

Television footage on Saturday afternoon showed the police surrounding the scene, where crowds had gathered in an area near the door of a building.

There were also reports of more injuries. One man told CNN he felt the ground shake as shots were fired. He said he saw a man being taken down by police.

NBC affiliate WITI quoted Waukesha police Capt. Aaron Lipski as saying that two people were dead.

Bryan Bracker, who was at the fair with his children, told CNN he heard two or three shots that sounded like pop, pop, pop. He said his children hid under some seats in a tractor pull barn. After a few minutes, a woman told them to run.

“I thought maybe it was part of the pull,” Bracker said.

This is a developing story. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

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